Join the SIS Family! Open positions for 2013-2014

Who do we look for?

Throughout Surabaya Intercultural School's history, it has taken pride in its ability to hire and retain highly educated, successful teachers and staff. The school encourages and maintains a working environment where risk-taking and innovation are the norm. The fluid use of technology permeates all aspects of the school and SIS is considered a regional leader in its implementation. Experienced, certified teachers who are interested in a great lifestyle and a rewarding professional experience are sought by the school. SIS hires teachers primarily in January and February for the next school year though the school accepts applications for employment anytime of the year.

Three Steps to Employment

  1. Read the "Basic Requirements for Prospective Teachers" below. If you fullfil the requirements, proceed to #2.
  2. Read the list of "Open Positions for 2013-14" below. If there is a position to which you are qualified and have experience, proceed to #3.
  3. Send one copy of your resume, with three up-to-date contacts for references, to Dr. Larry Molacek at sisadmin@sisedu.net.

Basic Requirements for Prospective Teachers

Surabaya Intercultural School expects openings at all levels and in all subjects. This is due to growth and to normal, expected turn-over in an international school.

  • PYP training and experience preferred for Elementary candidates.
  • All candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree, but we give preference to those with Master’s degrees.
  • We ask for a minimum of three successful years in an international school.
  • All candidates must have professional enthusiasm and a sense of humor.
  • 8H00---14h30 only candidates need not apply!!

We will be recruiting at ISS Bangkok, ISS San Francisco, UNI, and, possibly, via Skype. This page will be updated regularly as new open positions are identified.

Open Positions for 2014-15

As of 3 December, 2013:

    None at this time

Salary and Benefits (Overseas Hired Contracts)

  • Salary range competitive in the region.
  • Retirement of 10%
  • Furnished housing near campus.
  • All utilities paid including basic phone.
  • Annual home leave with round trip transportation.
  • Settling-in allowance.
  • Completion of first contract bonus.
  • Annual contract renewal benefit after first two-year contract.
  • Shipping allowance.
  • Comprehensive health, life and LTD insurance.
  • Preventative health benefit.
  • Professional development support.
  • Use of school-owned laptop computer.
  • Car purchase plan.
  • Visa fees and Indonesian taxes paid.
  • Emergency medical evacuation plan.
  • School fees waived for two dependents.

Overseas hired teachers are contracted initially for two years with subsequent contracts one year.

Contact Information

Submit letters of application and resumes to:

Mr. Larry Molacek, Superintendent
Surabaya Intercultural School
Citra Raya International Village
Tromol Pos 2/SBDK,
Surabaya, 60225,
Fax: 62-31-741-4334
Email: suptsis@sisedu.net

8H00--14h30 only candidates need not apply!!



Information about SIS - Online Booklet

School Purpose

Surabaya Intercultural School was established to provide preschool through high school level education for students seeking an international based curriculum and education.

Our philosophy is based on sound and proven principles and methods of education. SIS accomplishes this aim by offering its student body a curriculum and physcial environment comparable to that of American schools of high academic standing. Moreover, since SIS recognizes that its international student body is highly mobile and reflects diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, it is the primary goal of SIS to prepare its students for re-entry into school systems in their own countries.

In addition, because it is necessary for all students to participate in a rapidly evolving world community which includes diverse cultures (each with its own traditions, values and morals), SIS seeks to provide an environment which although based on the American system of education, fosters respect for and appreciation of different cultures, including that of its host country, Indonesia.